Pick up, Drop-off Service from Signature Detailing

Signature Detailing, the auto detailing experts in Utah, takes its customer service a notch higher. The company now offers a pick up and drop-off service for its different auto detailing projects for the client’s utmost convenience.

[Salt Lake City, Utah, June 10, 2014] – Signature Detailing, the trusted auto detailing brand in Utah, upholds its commitment to excellent customer service once more. With the introduction of the pick up and drop-off service, customers can enjoy a more convenient way to restore their vehicle’s charm back to its glory days in the showroom.


Signature Detailing recognizes the busy lifestyle of today’s car owners. With different commitments to work, family, and everything else in between, it can be quite a challenge to find the time to bring a car to an auto detailing shop. This is the inspiration behind Signature Detailing’s pick up and drop-off service. Through this, the customers enjoy more convenience with the company’s services.

The company sends out a representative to pick up the car at any given location – be it at the workplace, home, or any other preferred location of the customer. Once the car has been picked up, the auto goes through the thorough and comprehensive auto detailing process at Signature Detailing. As soon as the procedure is complete, the company representative drives the car back to the set location, with the car looking almost brand new again.

To make this service even more convenient, Signature Detailing ensures a fast turnaround time.


Signature Detailing gives every project their all to ensure client satisfaction. After handling hundreds of projects in the past years, the company has become a dependable brand when it comes to different auto detailing solutions.

What many of its customers like about Signature Detailing is the attention to detail. The company makes sure that every job is done perfectly – down to the last minuscule detail. On top of this dedication and workmanship, Signature Detailing uses nothing but the best quality materials to restore the car to its showroom-worthy charm.

About Signature Detailing

Signature Detailing is the go-to brand of many Utah residents when it comes to auto detailing. With a good reputation in the area, the company has helped dozens of car owners clean and restore their vehicles to brand-new-like conditions. Through thorough workmanship and speedy service, Signature Detailing bests its competition and stays on top of its field.

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