Free DICOM Viewer to Store Medical Digital Images

DICOM or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine is a standard for medical imaging that allows users to store the medical images, print them or share the data. This app is used by many doctors, medical practitioners and students, lab professionals and others related to the field for the purpose of diagnoses and treatment of various medical conditions. The Free DICOM Viewer is an excellent tool that allows users to view those images without the need of the app. The tool is absolutely free and free of malware and spyware as well. Users can access all DICOM images and use the same information to study or to share their research with others.

Users can make use of these images to explore further or study about the diagnoses even better. Those who are into research or trials can use these images to gain more knowledge. The tool is very easy to use and medical professionals need not worry about having any prior technical experience to use it. It is as simple as opening the viewer and start viewing the files. The tool also has a variety of functions that are laid out very simply for the purpose of making it easy on the users. Features such as image size, zoom options, width, checking the previous image or next image, scrolling options and many more. The tool supports various image types such as png, jpeg and so on.

About Free DICOM Viewer

The Free DICOM Viewer is a freeware that allows users to store medical images, share them or print the data. This tool is an extremely user friendly tool and allows users to handle it in any which way they want.

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