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Las Vegas, March 25, 2014 –, a unique photography resource for engineers, experts, attorneys and insurance adjusters, recently announced the official launch of its new website dedicated to location and date specific photographs. From photos of construction sites, city roads, aerial shots, casinos and more, the new site will provide an extensive image library for professionals to purchase and utilize as evidence in lawsuits or trials.

“As engineers or attorneys conduct expert witness work, we encounter incidents that occurred many years earlier,” said Tony Righellis, creator of “Sometimes the site conditions become altered overtime and we need to know and examine what the conditions were like when the incident occurred. This is why we created; not only to equip these professionals with a vital photo resource to use in their cases, but to also provide a platform for individuals to make extra income by simply supplying images to the site.”

As the only online resource dedicated to location and date specific photographs, pays individuals and professional photographers alike a remarkable 50% of a photo’s sale price, whereas many other online photography resources typically only offer 15%. In addition, there are no membership fees or costs to sign up to become a site contributor. Once an account is created, contributors are able to upload a single photograph or bundles of images from anywhere in the United States and set their own retail price for their photos.

“As a new website, contributors are encouraged to get in at the ground floor and help build the image library and shape the pricing structure for the site moving forward,” said Tony Righellis. “Once we are able to achieve a critical mass of images in a particular region, we can then make the contributors’ images available for purchase. This makes it beneficial for individuals to start contributing in the early stages so they can quickly begin earning income for their photos.”


Las Vegas-based is a new kind of stock photography resource for engineers, experts, attorneys, insurance adjusters and other professionals to search for, find and buy location and date specific photographs necessary for their legal cases. Ranging from photos of construction sites, roads, aerial shots, casinos, buildings and more, contributors can upload a single photograph or bundles of images throughout the United States and then get paid each time they are purchased. Contributors are able to set their own price for their photos and then makes them available to those who need them for whatever purpose, such as evidence for litigation trails.

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