3 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Healthy

As spring approaches it becomes prudent for us to take the cleaning to next level and make your house spotless!

Keeping our house clean should be your foremost duty as cleanliness comes next to godliness and a clean house can go a long way to make your house look attractive. A clean house creates a good impression on the visitors as well. Now even professional companies are providing house cleaning services and one such company is Friendly Cleaners, which is a leading name in residential cleaning in Melbourne.

Residential cleaning Melbourne Given below are five methods, which you should follow to keep your house clean.

For cleaning floors:

Keeping the floors of your house clean is the foremost method of keeping the house clean. You can vacuum the floor to get rid of the dirt and the dust that accumulates on the floor throughout the day. Vacuuming is the most effective method of cleaning the floors. After vacuuming, make sure you mop the floor. Add some common salt in water before you start to mop your floor. Salt can absorb low and negative energy from your house and leave the place positive and fresh.

For cleaning window glasses and mirrors:

Use a solution of warm water and a sponge or dish soap to clean window glasses and mirrors.

Wipe the surfaces with a dry towel or cloth:

If you want to clean your window glasses and mirrors in an environmental-friendly way, clean it with the help of vinegar and water and then dry it with lint free cloth or dry towel.

For cleaning kitchen:

Kitchen is an integral part of a house. So keeping the kitchen clean is important. In order to keep a kitchen clean the dustbin should be washed and sanitized at least once a week so that it becomes disinfectant. You can also prevent the growth of bacteria this way. Also a lid above the dustbin should be used so that insects and flies do not accumulate over it.

If you have carpet in your house, you know how difficult it is to keep clean, especially with kids and pets. This means that your carpet has to be constantly vacuumed. Many people dread the thought of dragging their cumbersome heavy vacuum out of the closet every time the carpet needs a cleaning. The trick is to keep a good compact stick vacuum close by. They aren’t great for deep cleaning but they make a quick daily vacuuming so much easier. You simply need to run through your high traffic areas a few times a week.

A wonderful guerrilla spring house cleaning tactic to use is to strategically stash specific cleaning supplies throughout the house. Like to keep wood cleaning wipes such as these method “wood for good” wipes in desk drawer to easily clean and condition your cabinets, coffee tables, work desks, etc. When you have slow moment during the day or if you are reaching for a pen, the wipes will be right there as a reminder to keep your wood looking beautiful. Another great example is to keep paper towels and all-purpose cleaner under your bathroom sink for easy access to keep your bathroom in good shape.

As spring gets closer and the weather gets warmer, it will be difficult to keep the house clean but with some help from the professionals it could be done. House cleaning does not have to be dreaded; the tips above will cut most of your cleaning time in half as well as make the tasks so much easier.

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