Team ITI Captain Brandon Wright signs RE Factor Tactical as new Sponsor

SHACKLEFORDS, VA (January 2014)International Training Inc. (ITI), a subsidiary of G4S Government Solutions, is committed to providing benchmark security training in Firearms, Driver Training, and Surveillance operations. Team ITI would like to announce a new sponsorship for Team Captain Brandon Wright. For the 2014 shooting season, RE Factor Tactical will be supporting Brandon with their new line of gear and shooting equipment.

“RE Factor Tactical has decided to sponsor Brandon Wright because we feel his shooting abilities in conjunction with his personal demeanor and professionalism make him one of best shooters/teachers in the industry,” commented Luke, Co Founder/Manager. He went on further to say, “RE Factor Tactical has worked with Brandon in a number of capacities and through Brandon's instruction and professionalism we want to support him as we think he represents our company's beliefs and morals extremely well.  We strongly believe Brandon will continue to be successful in his competitive shooting career and we want to support him along the way in whatever way possible.”

Re Factor Tactical will be providing Mr. Wright with a full line of products. “We hope his presence in the shooting community will also help get our name out there as a company that supports competitive shooting,” said Luke. Re Factor is most known for their line of Operator Bands, Blasting Cap, and their recently released Advanced Special Operations (ASO) Bag.

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About Re Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical, LLC is a SOF Veteran led company dedicated to providing current operators with the tools they need to solve unconventional problems. Our products are designed with the operator in mind and are specifically tailored to fit missions that require a civilian or contractor appearance. Our ideas are inspired by more than 10 years of field experience in military and para military special operations. We recognize the importance of specialized tools necessary to our clients to accomplish their missions while maintaining a low profile.

All of our products go through extensive field-testing by operators currently serving overseas and are only sold once they meet our standards. We believe in our product and its quality because our employees who still serve in the military and government agencies use it and rely on it. RE Factor Tactical strives to produce and provide products made in the USA to ensure the upmost quality and because we believe it’s important to invest in our own.

In addition, RE Factor Tactical is dedicated to giving back to those who sacrificed their lives in the defense of our nation. Because of this RE Factor Tactical donates a portion of our proceeds to a variety of non-profit organizations that support wounded veterans of the military, police, and other government agencies. For more information on Re Factor and their products, log on to

About International Training, Inc.

International Training Incorporated (ITI) is a subsidiary of G4S Government Solutions. Founded in 1989; ITI is committed to providing benchmark security training programs emphasizing professionalism, quality, customer service and a fair price. ITI conducts both mobile and fixed site training in security assistance and security service programs for the U.S. Government, U.S. military, corporate America, and now private citizens. For more information on ITI or any of their courses, log on to

About Brandon Wright

Brandon Wright has served four years as a Law Enforcement Officer and four years as a State Trooper in the Virginia State Police. In addition, Wright was a member of the SWAT Team. Wright has over nine years of experience as a Firearms Instructor, which he puts into practice at G4S International Training Inc. (ITI) as their Senior Firearms Instructor. He is currently the Team ITI Captain, an IDPA Distinguished Master, USPSA Grand Master, and (2) time National Champion.