Masking tape and its usage

Masking tape is also known as sticky tape because of its awesome ability to stick to any surface it is applied. This tape is made up of very thin paper and is available in many widths due to its wide applications. The paper used to make this, apart from being thin, is very easy to tear from the thing it is pasted. This tape is mainly used in painting when a painter wants to mark of some areas of the painting that he doesn’t want to paint which makes it quite useful for artists. The adhesiveness this tape is very useful because it makes it possible to remove the tape without leaving any part of the tape behind and hence, doesn’t damage the thing it is applied on. It is available in many strengths ranging from 1-100 depending upon the requirement of the consumer. For domestic and household purpose, the range used is even lower and the paper is also a lot weaker than the one used for the purpose of painting.

Masking tape has found its application in many areas due to its effectiveness and quality of being adhesive.

Usage of this tape:

This tape is originally used to mark off the unwanted area in a painting where the painters don’t want to paint anything. For this purpose, a special type of masking tape is used, having specific grade. Using this tape, the painter can make very clear lines to separate the unwanted part from the part that he will be painting so that the painting is accurate. If the painter doesn’t use this specific tape, then the paint usually bleeds under the edges of the tape, making the separation line quite varied which is not acceptable if someone is making a professional painting.

There is another type of masking tape used for drafting and it is very much like a domestic tape, but its tack is quite low if you analyze it. Its main use is to hold documents such as blueprints on to the board and it is also used on drawing so that it can be easily taken off without damaging the content on it.

Masking tape that can stick to something and will remain there for a week or month without leaving any residue or mark of any sort is used for the purpose of household painting in which you protect the recently painted walls by putting this tape on it, so you can remove it when the paint is dry. This type of tape is available in variety of day ratings which are 1,3,7,14,30, and 60. In these, 7 and 14 are mostly used for this purpose than others. The tapes that are for 30 or 60 days which are higher rated than others are less adhesive comparatively and are used to be pasted on smooth surfaces. An important thing, while using this tape on a painting, is to remove this tape right after you are done with the painting.