Earn cash playing games

ForPlayers LLC is releasing its Beta today!
The startup created a year ago by University of Richmond alumnis Boris Fedoroff and Michael Rodgers is opening the door to its gaming platform.

Many gamers have been looking at different ways to turn their time spent playing games into valuable, profitable time.
The platform addresses that issue by offering any gamer around the world the ability to turn their skills into profit.
Each user can join or create a tournament on the game he wants; once all the slots are filled, the gamers play and the winner receives the whole cash prize in his user account. In that way, any skilled player can now make a living out of his passion.

Gamers can have an early access to the Beta by signing up now on  Users have to be 18 or older to register. During the BetaThe only game displayed during the Beta is League Of Legends (the most played game in the world) and more popular games will be added soon. ForPlayers will also offer players the ability to play on a "real-money competition mode" on mobile games.

While gaming competitions are becoming more and more popular around the world and professional gamers are now earning millions every year, competitions remain scattered and  limited worldwide. Less than 1% of the entire gaming population have access to these competitions which is why online tournaments will provide a natural supply to an existing demand.
ForPlayers plans to implement "real-money competition mode" in the majority of the popular console and mobile games before the end of the year.

Sign-up for the Beta on!