SYOPTEK Optical Grade One-Click Cleaners Launched to Support Fast Optical Network Maintenance

China - SYOPTEK introduced its latest innovation, ergonomically designed one-click cleaners during a trade show held in Hong Kong recently. The market leader in manufacturing fiber optic tools and fiber optic cleaning tools claimed that the cleaning tools have a comfortable and ergonomic design which helps in faster and single-action cleaning of connectors in fiber optic adapters. The owners said that the precise mechanical action of the one-click cleaner delivers consistent cleaning action, which is the greatest benefit that professionals can derive from the cleaner.

“The one-click cleaner which we have launched during the recent trade show in Hong Kong is extremely easy to use. Professionals who would buy the cleaner would simply have to insert it into an adapter and push until they hear the short and light metallic sound coming out of it. Our one-click cleaner uses a mechanical ‘push’ action which allows the cleaning tape to advance seamlessly. The cleaning tip rotates to clean the end-face of the connector very gently but effectively. We recommend this tool for every field technician”, said a sales manager of SYOPTEK during a post-launch press conference.

The recently launched fiber optic tools for cleaning include Smart Cleaner MPO, one-click cleaner SC, one-click cleaner MU/LC, one-click cleaner HC, one-click cleaner H125, one-click cleaner M16, and one-click cleaner M20. According to the owners, these cleaners serve disparate purposes and not one cleaner can serve the same purpose as another.

Many of SYOPTEK’s products are self-contained, ergonomic optical grade cleaners and tools that are perfect for cleaning and troubleshooting harsh environment connectors. The combined OTDR products of the China based manufacturer have also gained wide currency among professionals the world over. With the launch of the one-click cleaners, the manufacturers aim to increase their domestic and overseas sales.

“Our primary aim is to become a trusted seller of fiber optic tools and fiber optic cleaning tools worldwide. With a strong consumer base at home which we have been able to retain through the years, we now aim to become the true global leader in the product and sales of the one-click cleaners. Export figures suggest that we are en route to fulfilling our objectives”, added the sales manager.

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SYOPTEK is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic tools and tool kits.

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