Armagh City is now blessed with the amazing range of safe e-cigarettes of SteamLite


Armagh, UK (March 1, 2014): SteamLite is proud to highlight their presence in Armagh City. The famous electronic cigarettes company has arrived with a huge range of valuable great quality cigarettes and accessories for the customers.

SteamLite is resourced with a highly intelligent team of professionals, who have identified the high demand of e cigs among the inhabitants of the place. E cigarettes Armagh City has created a great sensation among the smokers. It has been observed, that, people has developed a knack of focusing on non harmful options a far as smoking is concerned. The bad effects of real cigarettes are already known to the smokers. Keeping this in mind, SteamLite has not only introduces electronic cigarettes, but also varieties of flavors for e-liquid in Armagh City. The research team has worked very hard in indentifying the most desired flavors.  Regular tobacco flavors are found to be the most popular ones among all. It gives the exact sensation of real cigarettes. This incredible regular tobacco flavor is offered at only £3.99. SteamLite has also introduced 150 unique flavors like, peppermint, cherry, apple, coffee, banana and many more for those who want to start with a new smoking partner. Each of these amazing flavors is priced at only GBP 3.99.

E cigarette Armagh City company has been also found to introduce different kits of e-cigs. Each of these cigs is designed according to the demands of the local users. SteamLite has brought in an all new pocket style self charging kit for the fancy users. Their revolutionary starter kit of just £6.99 has already been the favorite of countless smokers. Apart from that, SteamLite, the electronic cigarette in Armagh City company has taken care of the stylish smokers by introducing e-cigarette standard kit in plastic carry case, e-cigarette premium kit and many more.

Quitting smoking all of a sudden in found to be really difficult for regular smokers. SteamLite brings in the best solution to it by availing the best option to such smokers. Robert Jones has been a chain smoker who has recently shifted to the starter pack of SteamLite. He comments, “Trying the starter pack of SteamLite has not been very difficult, as this company offers you the best and most similar feeling of an original cigarette. I am extremely happy to get this amazing pack after so long. The affordability part of the cigarettes is also an encouraging factor to buy more.”

About SteamLite:
SteamLite is a revolutionary UK based online store of electronic cigarettes.  This company is well known for offering value added products to the customers.
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