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USA – People working with Microsoft project software will be familiar with the .mpp extension files. These files can be used to store information about the various aspects related to projects like the teams involved, the deadlines, etc. And in most cases these files and information in it needs to be shared with a number of people; but the main drawback here is unless one has Microsoft Project installed in one’s computer, viewing the information in the .mpp extension files will not be possible.

A website now provides software to view .mpp extension files; this MPP File Viewer is available free of cost and can be downloaded and installed onto one’s computer just with a single click. Once this MPP Viewer is installed, the .mpp extension files can be converted to MS Excel for convenient viewing. The only drawback is that no changes can be made in the data but since the point is about sharing information, this viewer is quite useful in most cases.

The website says, “Without having to install MS Project, any users can view such files just by having this software. There are a number of choices when it comes to the type of views that are available in this software and depending on the user’s requirement, the best one can be selected.”

The best feature of this MPP Viewer is its simple and easy to understand interface. Importing and converting .mpp files to MS Excel happens in a single click and doesn’t take much time. And in case of problems, this MPP viewer comes with a guide to make it easy for the users to understand and use it easily.

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