Thermo Cool Warns Mobile Homeowners against Non-Certified Air Conditioners

Florida – January 24, 2014. The Ocala heating and air conditioning company Thermo Cool has issued a warning for mobile homeowners against the installation and use of non-certified air conditioners. While conducting numerous instances of AC repair Ocala FL professionals from Thermo Cool report that many brands being offered to mobile homeowners are not actually certified by their manufacturers for mobile home use.

For mobile homeowners in Ocala heating and air systems must be designed specifically for mobile homes. The demands of mobile homeowners are different, and this special mobile home equipment must be ducted, vented, and installed accordingly.

The ducting in a mobile home is more restrictive because it is smaller. This means that the blower of the air conditioner must a high static design. This is to overcome the greater airflow resistance. This makes sure that each supply register provides the proper air delivery.

In contrast, standard air conditioners which do not have proper high static rating by the manufacturer are incapable of providing the correct air delivery in a mobile home.

The most common air conditioning and heating system for mobile or modular homes is called a package unit. However, not all package units are certified by the manufacturer to provide high static airflow. Homeowners are advised to ask for proof that all heating and cooling Leesburg FL solutions suggested for your home are properly certified for mobile homes.

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