PCB diagram rechecking in the layout process of the PCB board will greatly guarantee the quality of the circuit board

China – In the layout process of the PCB board, the related engineer will carefully review and check the PCB diagram after the completion of the system layout. This process is very necessary for the PCB board manufacturer to check whether they can achieve the best results for the layout of the circuit board. As The introduction of the engineer from which is the famous PCB factory , the step of circuit layout checking can be usually divided into following several aspects.

The first aspect is whether the system layout of the circuit board could reach to most reasonable situation, whether it can ensure the reliable wiring and whether the wiring system can guarantee the reliability of the circuit work. In the process of the layout, people need to know about the direction of power, ground network signals.

Secondly, the engineer from circuit board supplier will check whether the size of the printed PCB board could be in line with the paper sizes or meet with the PCB manufacturing process requirements. This requires special attention as there are many PCB circuit boards which layout and routing have been designed very beautifully and reasonable but these related PCB board manufacturer neglect to pinpoint positioning of the connector which resulting in the circuit design and other circuits cannot be docked .

Thirdly, in the PCB diagram checking process, engineer should also pay more attention to whether there is conflict between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional space of the circuit board. They should also note the actual size of the device particularly the height of the device. The height of the components in the welding process could not exceed 3mm.

On the other hand, engineer should also know about whether the density of component placement is orderly, neat and completely . In the process of the layout of these components, people should not only consider the type of signal direction and signals type, they should also pay more attention where places on the circuit board need to be protected. At the same time, engineer should also consider the overall density of the device layout. In a word, the uniform density is very perfect effect.

Fifthly, it should be required whether the frequent replacement components can be easily replaced and whether the device could be easy to insert and plug-in to the circuit board. Overall speaking, people need to keep the easy and reliable of the replacement for components which need to be changed frequently.

All of these points will be reconsidered in the process of circuit diagram checking by the engineer.