Skip the Drawing Board and Join the Cloud

It used to be that the only way anything got done in the office was from putting proverbial heads together to think. These days, thanks to cloud based software solutions, companies are able to employ remote conferences that are easy to organize, regardless of differing schedules, time zones, and conflicting travel dates.

Traditional workplace collaborations involve face to face meetings, note-taking, and presentations on a board or projector. While there is nothing inherently detrimental to this type of meeting, there are more efficient methods. Using cloud-enabled technology and software are cost-efficient, paperless solutions worth considering for the workplace. Just because the traditional way of doing things isn’t yet broken, does not mean that a new way could not work just as well, if not better.

Take the face to face meetings. Thanks to applications like Skype, people are able to talk to each other over their computer screens in a way that is much more personal than a chat session and much more immediate than email. This also enables people with different schedules to still enjoy the personal touch that face to face meetings offer.

When it comes to specific information and business content, data management systems enable workers to load material into a cloud based system, and share information instantly and without paper. Furthermore, these kinds of systems allow for editing, organizing, and distributing the information in a way that is uniform and consistent. And when multiple people are looking at the same information, they can add their own notes and comments to documents, either in the margins or whatever designated space is available for collaboration purposes.

Another paperless solution to an old way of doing business is employing a digital filing system. These are tools that allow users to quickly and easily run searches within the software to locate and retrieve digital files within seconds. There is no fear of anyone misfiling or losing documents, as software systems are equipped to properly index, file, and store scanned business critical files.

But cloud based systems do not just save paper. They can save companies the paper-based challenges related to audits and litigation. Records Management software allows users to make public and transparent note of files that are stored as well as deleted. Rather than endure a lengthy paper-chase with the IRS, for example, a company using Content Management software could simply demonstrate that, indeed, no information is being hidden and any disposed-of material was done so in compliance with the appropriate laws and regulations.

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