Booragoon Dental Clinic Updates Super Serum Inventory

Booragoon Dental Clinic, one of Western Australia’s most reputable dental clinics, takes its services to the next level. The clinic has updated its inventory of super serums that help the skin become brighter and healthier.

[PERTH, JULY 2, 2014] – Booragoon Dental Clinic, a respected dental practice in Western Australia, goes beyond its usual dental services. As part of its non-surgical skin treatments, the clinic has updated its super serum inventory for its customers.

Now, Booragoon Dental Clinic has six super serums readily available through their website.

Exfol A Plus Serum

First on the list is the ExfolA Plus Serum, a strong skin renewal solution. With the combination of citric acids and Vitamin A, this serum helps the skin look clearer and fresher by boosting cell turnover.

Booragoon Dental Clinic advises using this twice a week on first use to accustom the skin to newer, higher levels of retinoids, then moving on to applying the solution on a nightly basis.

Multi B Plus Niacinamide Serum

Made from Vitamin B compounds from sea algae, the Multi B PlusNiacinamide is the second serum on the list of Booragoon Dental Clinic. The solution protects and rejuvenates the skin through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. On top of that, the serum also evens skin tone and helps the skin have a youthful glow.

Active C Vitamin C

Another product in the super serum inventory is the Active C Vitamin C. Booragoon Dental Clinic notes that the purpose of this solution is to serve as an antioxidant serum while protecting the skin from the sun’s rays.

Redless Serum

For those with fragile skin, Booragoon Dental Clinic offers the Redless Serum. With sea buckthorn fruit oil as its key ingredient, this serum is an effective supplement to the healing process after chemical peels and laser treatments.

Problem Skin Serum

Problem Skin Serum combats oil and skin impurities for a smoother, clearer complexion. This serum also contains Stay C and wasabi extract for better skin whitening, tightening, and protection.

Complete Pigment Brightening Serum

Last on the list is the Complete Pigment Brightening Serum. Booragoon Dental Clinic says that this solution reduces brown spots by as much ash 25% in 30 days. This serum protects the skin, brightens its colour, and fades age spots and other discolourations.

About Booragoon Dental Clinic

Known for its tailor-fit dental solutions and high treatment standards, Booragoon Dental Clinic is one of Western Australia’s most trusted dental practices. The company believes that it is their responsibility to provide the most appropriate dental solutions to customers and help them achieve great smiles.

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