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Certain large consumer electronics suppliers, such as Sony, have entered into the wearable technology arena while others, such as Apple, have yet to stake a claim into what we see as a multi-billion dollar transformative industry.Wearable technology today represents an array of products including watches, wristbands, and various clothing items.

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There is not yet a clear winner, nor do we believe there is a need for one.  However, our analysis does point towards winners in certain key battlegrounds such as smartwatch vs. smart wristband.   Wearable technology represents a monumental shift of business practices and even new business models for device manufacturers, content and application providers, and service providers.  The future wearable technology ecosystem will be centered around consumer use of Body Area Networks (BAN) and related technology including wristbands and watches, electronic skin/tattoo, and electronically enhanced clothing.  Additional support technologies include Augmented Reality (AR), sensors and sensor networks, and a variety of short-range communications modalities.  We see additional opportunities for 4G communications and beyond to utilize ambient awareness and peer-to-peer communication via LTE Direct.   This research evaluates the wearable technology marketplace with emphasis on vendors, strategies, applications and development.  In this report, we analyze the current wearable devices vendors and their products. We also provide market analysis for the future of the industry and anticipated direction over the course of the next five years.  

Key Findings:

  • Top mobile executives see wearable computing devices as the next big thing in the mobile industry.  
  • The smart wristband will ultimately win the battle against the smartwatch - learn why and how in this report.
  • The wearable technology ecosystem is highly fragmented, consisting of many vendors, and many ideas of what will be successful in the marketplace.
  • The entire wireless ecosystem (actually it goes beyond wireless to include advertising, commerce, and more) will evolve to a wearable-centric model. 
  • The wearable transformation will be both a huge opportunity and also a big threat to wireless carriers as business models evolve along with the new wearable-centric ecosystem.
  • Consumer electronics suppliers should partner with wireless carriers in support of a variety of applications and new business models involving new technologies. 
  • We see the Wearable Ecosystem evolving along with the evolutions of other key areas such as broadband wireless technologies, devices, sensing systems, etc. 
  • Wireless devices will no longer be held or kept in the pocket but rather worn.  At the same time, wireless connectivity will take on a whole new meaning just as display devices, autonomous communications, and self-aware applications transform the end-user environment with wearable technology, augmented reality, and the so-called Body Area Networks.

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Report Benefits:

  • Market forecast for wearable technology
  • Understand the wearable technology marketplace
  • Understand supporting technologies for wearables
  • Learn about the role of short range wireless in wearables
  • Identify wearable technology vendor strategies and offerings
  • Learn about the future of Augmented Reality (AR) in industry verticals
  • Identify what is needed for applications and the overall ecosystem to grow
  • Learn about specific vendor strategies such as Intel's push into IoT and wearables
Target Audience:
  • Augmented reality companies
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Wireless infrastructure providers
  • Consumer electronics companies
  • Wearable technology developers
  • Embedded computing companies
  • Regulatory bodies and governments
  • Wireless service providers of all types
  • Military, law enforcement, and public safety
  • Mobile marketing and commerce companies

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