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June 3, 2015 - For many people looking for work they know that landing a good job is already difficult and it only gets more difficult as one's career progresses., which launched in May 2015, is the job-seeking tool of the 21st century, designed for job seekers as well as professionals with jobs, but with an eye toward the next career-expanding step. The platform can display multiple versions of a professional’s resume and highlights from their life’s work—each version shareable with recruiters, employers, and other professional contacts. Additionally, the platform is easy to manage and points to a domain bearing only that person’s name.

A recent study noted the average professional will hold 15-20 jobs in his or her lifetime, changing occupations every 4.4 years. A Pinnacle Website plays into this reality more dynamically than a resume, and more powerfully than a LinkedIn profile. Users customize their skills and experiences for different industries or career tracks, adding multimedia clips (images, videos, documents, etc.) that showcase their accomplishments, rather than simply describing them. 

Another benefit of Pinnacle Website is users can link their domain to their social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, email signatures, and more to bolster their personal online brand.

SEO safeguards ensure a Pinnacle Website always shows up on the first page of a Google search result, protecting the jobseeker’s online reputation.

“A Pinnacle Website is for the job seeker and successful professional that has a job, does well, but is in the growth phase of his or her career,” says CEO and founder Paul Schlanger. “Either this person’s current success is impeding a promotion, or he or she feels ready to tackle a new challenge,” he adds. A vivid interface to showcase strengths and experience, a Pinnacle Website connects this audience with their next vocation. It’s an easy tool that jobseekers can continue to develop and maintain with commitment—like they would a business.

Personal branding is a fact of today’s career marketplace, creates online personalities on individualized sites. Careerists claim “” to market their careers like brands and manage them like businesses. Selective viewing, effective presentation, and social media engagement all make a Pinnacle Website a personalized engine of professional optimization.