Women Who Code Launches Its First German Network in Berlin

Women Who Code Launches Its First German Network in Berlin

The International Organization Which Works To Support Women In The Tech Industry Expands Its Program To The Largest City In Germany

SAN FRANCISCO - AUGUST 11, 2015Women Who Code (WWCode), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women succeed in technology careers, announced the launch of the Berlin Network of their organization. This new group, Directed by Anouk Ruhaak, Carola Nitz, and Silvia Pinathree, becomes the first in Germany and the fourth WWCode Network the organization has announced in recent weeks.

Berlin, widely considered as one of the largest hubs for technological development in the world, now features a new WWCode Network that boasts a membership of 279 women who are enthusiastic about the opportunity to network, learn, and attend free technical events that can help them further their progress in the tech industry. The first gathering of the Berlin WWCode Network took place recently and was heavily attended, with many of the members describing a sense of "buzz" in the air about the opportunities that this could open up for them.

“Judging from the great turnout, the feedback, and the enthusiasm last Thursday, we think it’s safe to say there’s a real need for this organization in our area,” said Nitz. “We want to create a safe space where women developers can talk about code, share their experiences and learn something new. A space where they can be part of a community, advocate, encourage and help each other to excel in their careers."

"I know we can have an incredible impact in Berlin, and I'm excited to see what our talented Directors bring to the tech community,” said Alaina Percival, the CEO of WWCode, who lived in Germany for four years during her early career, and was particularly excited to expand to the 'Silicon Allee.' “We are thrilled to introduce WWCode to Berlin’s vibrant tech community and we are confident the industry will be even better as more women excel in technology careers."

About Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. The organization provides an avenue into tech, empowers women with skills needed for professional advancement, and creates environments where networking and mentorship are valued. To date, WWCode has produced more than 2,000 free technical events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 30,000, and has a presence in 18 countries. Media Contact: