Global Evolving Market Access Strategies Markets Analysis and Reimbursement Policies

In-detail Table of Contents of Evolving Market Access Strategies Market Research

Scope for this research:

Payers continue to play an important role in market access. Products are increasingly being rejected for reimbursement, adversely affecting the market share of these products.

·         What strategies can pharmaceutical companies implement in order to overcome these challenges?

HEOR plays a critical part in market access

·         How does HEOR help internal decision making?

·         How can a systemic value development plan (SVDP) optimize HEOR?

·         How do cost-effectiveness analyses play a role in the commercial success of a new product?

HTA has gained importance in reimbursement decisions

·         What are the different concepts and general processes involved in HTA?

·         What are the key benefits of HTA?

Pricing and reimbursement are the key elements of market access

·         What are the most important factors considered in pricing decisions?

·         What are the pricing and reimbursement policies in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan?

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Reasons to buy this research:

This report will allow you to -

·         Gain insights into current market access strategies and evolving approaches: This report describes fundamental concepts about market access, its key elements and the evolving landscape in key markets.

·         Understand the role of HEOR in market access and pricing: This report provides insights about role of HEOR in market access and the different economic aspects measured in these studies.

·         Understand HTA and its role in reimbursement: This includes detailed analysis on the benefits of HTA in market access, the various dimensions of HTA as well as case studies that highlight the role of these studies in the potential commercial success of a product.

·         Review the involvement of Risk Sharing Agreements (RSAs) in market access: Includes details about the involvement of a RSA when there is limited evidence available for conducting HTAs as well as the various approaches involved in RSAs

·         Understand pricing of pharmaceutical products in the US:  Includes pricing policies in the US along with the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on pricing decisions. Specific case studies deliver analyses of the current market access landscape in the US.

·         Assess pricing and reimbursement in Europe and Japan: Includes pricing and reimbursement policies in five key European countries and Japan. Specific case studies demonstrate critical market access factors to be considered in these countries.

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