Algorates Uses Robots To Improve The Accuracy For Trading Of Stocks, Currencies And Commodities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, the reputed online platform for informative discussions have come up with an interesting article on Algorates. The main concept of the discussion revolves around the chances of robots, in terms to replacing the human beings in trading stocks, foreign currencies and commodities.

A senior analyst at Algo Capital from UK, James Roth states, “Not so fast”, while discussing on the chances robotic influences in financial trading. Algo capital runs the prestigious web based platform of Algorates. This company is regarded to be synonymous to algorithmic trading. This is found to be one of the most trusted trading destinations of 2012. Algo trading requires a lot of expert analysis and supervision in order to succeed.

According to a trusted report, over 40% of the orders of London Stock Exchange were generated by the robots, in the year 2006. The organization has increased the number to 70%, followed by the significant success. Besides that, 45% of the foreign currency orders are driven by automated programs. These programs are basically designed and structured by the humans and finally executed by the robots.

The scope of Algo trading is supposed to be sky high. Mr. Roth comments, “The competition is fierce. We are constantly modifying and improving our Algo-trading robots to stay ahead and improve our results.” The robots, however, still requires human interventions to supervise them. Mr. Roth states, “At the end of the day, robots will never be able to completely replace human traders. There are aspects of the market that only humans can understand,"  He adds, “But the combination of split-second market analysis and decision making by the robot along with our human traders' experience and expertise has proven an unbelievably successful combination.”

The interesting scope and exciting scenario of Algo trading has inspired many of the market traders Joe is a regular trader of foreign currencies. Joe says, “I am excited to known about the robotic interventions in currency trading and financial trading. Algo trading has already started taking a considerable market share. I am glad to discover that robots are getting used to improvise the service quality and accuracy level. This would definitely expand the scope of success, for the general traders like us. I feel Algo trade is a must try for all the traders, especially after going through this discussion. I would like to recommend everyone to go through this interesting write up.”

Algo trades are improving. Robots are being used to improve the accuracy level of trading.
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