The Top Reasons Why It’s Time to Update Your Hiring Process

A job opening at your company is something like the proverbial hole in your pocket—even as you take steps to move forward, coins are going to be constantly slipping out through that hole. Likewise, when your company is in a hiring phase, until all of your open positions are filled with competent, qualified new hires, you are going to be losing money even as business progresses.

The best way to stop the loss of capital during your hiring process is, obviously, to hire people as fast as possible. But worse than an open position by far is a position filled with someone who is unfit for their job. So how do you make sure to avoid that pitfall? Make sure that you have the best possible hiring process.

In Recruiting, Time is Money

Even the most efficient HR professional is not as efficient as today’s applicant tracking software when it comes to resume management and handling overall recruitment workflow. The job of the recruiter becomes ever more cumbersome the more applicants he or she has to process. By establishing a systematic approach to applicant tracking early on, you can efficiently weed out those candidates who will never be a fit and you can fast track those who deserve the most consideration (and who will therefore undergo the closest scrutiny).

Carefully establish the criteria you need an applicant to meet and then input these criteria into your recruiting software. It could be as simple as comparing each candidate’s past experience, willingness to travel, and a few other details, or it might be as complex as going through a battery of questions and tests with each and every qualified applicant. Whatever the specifics of your recruitment workflow may be, make sure that each candidate is put through the same steps via your recruitment software, and you will save yourself lots of time and repetitive work done the old fashioned way.

Don’t Lose Track of Those Applicants!

When you put your recruitment workflow in the hands of high quality applicant tracking software, not only do you make the tasks at hand more efficient to complete (and with greater accuracy too), but you also “pay it forward,” so to speak, potentially making your own job as an HR recruiting professional easier later on down the line. Imagine that you have come down to two great candidates for your open job position, you finally decide to hire one of them, only to see that person bounce in and then right back out of your company in a matter of weeks because they found a different job. Fortunately, thanks to your handy recruiting software, you can easily track job applicant number two and offer them the position. And if they too have found other work, you can easily reopen the entire hiring process just as if you had never closed it, as all of your HR recruiting tools are housed within a reliable recruiting management system.

Company Bio

Recruiterbox was founded with the notion of using technology to speed up and enhance the process of hiring the right person for the job opening at your company. Their systems are simple and intuitive and designed to make all aspects of the hiring process, from resume management to the ultimate offer, quick and effective.