Lilly's Septic Tank Pumping Service In Washington Offers Septic Tank Service Solutions

Maple Valley WA, 25-MARCH-2014 - Lilly's Septic System Service and owner Darren McCullough, Washington Septic Tank Pumping authority, are pleased to announce a range of solutions for septic tank services and installations. Installing the system correctly and maintaining it to assure best performance is the goal of the well-respected firm. Septic tank inspections are available prior to buying or selling a property.

According to Darren McCullough, owner of the firm, "We have been operating in the multi-county area of Washington for more than two decades and seek to maintain a stellar reputation with our customers. Both commercial and residential systems are served. Washington State certifies septic system installers and we hold a Master's certification. We are able to renovate an existing system or to design a new one."

He continues, "In order for a septic system to work properly, it must be pumped on a regular basis. The frequency will depend upon the number of users and the type of operation. Certain types of commercial operations, for example will require more frequent attention. Typically, the tank will be pumped at about three to five year intervals."

The intent of pumping the tank is to keep the scum layer from exceeding twenty-four inches in depth. If the layer is thicker, unprocessed effluent will flow from the tank to the drain field. This action can cause a health hazard, as well as unsightly appearance and unpleasant odors. The professionals are pleased to provide suggestions about methods to reduce the frequency of pumping and to maintain the health of the overall system.

Learn more about reliable septic tank and system services by visiting the web pages found at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Darren McCullough at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Darren McCullough, Owner
Company Name: Lilly's Septic System Service
Address: 21233 SE 271st Street, Maple Valley WA 98038
Contact Telephone Numbers: (425) 432-3084; (253) 639-3606; (360) 835-4809