Custom Car Mats Available at Carmats2u

United Kingdom – January 2014. Carmats2u is enticing more and more car owners in the United Kingdom by giving them special discounts on their services. This company specializes in custom car mats and boot liners for all kinds of cars and models. Creating BMW car mats and Audi car mats are just some of their expertise.

The company claims that the car mats they manufacture and supply cannot be duplicated by other car mat manufacturers. Customers can choose from 4 carpet grades as well as their choice of rubber, custom trim selections and massive color. As an added service, the company can also add a logo to a person’s car, if he so prefers.

To encourage more customers to use their services, Carmats2u is slashing £3.99 off per order with £4.99 mainland delivery. In addition, the company is also taking off £5.99 for overseas delivery.

Interested parties may check out their products at Car owners will see the many options available for their cars. From the options given in the website, they will surely be able to choose the right car mat that will fit their car as well as their taste.

Carmats2u manufactures and supplies a wide range of car mats because they have thousands of repeat customers. This enables them to have all the car mat designs and sizes to satisfy every car owner’s requirements.

This company is also able to deliver their customer’s orders, whether it is a mat set, boot liners or other accessories from their factory in the U.K. to any destination across the globe.

About Carmats2u

Carmats2u is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of car mats, boot liners and related products. They cater to all areas in the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world.

Contact Details:

Robert Macdonald

22 Ash Lane

Phone: 078 0880 1432