E-Cigarettes: Big Tobacco moves in for the kill, but could profits disappear in a puff of smoke? adds "E-Cigarettes: Big Tobacco moves in for the kill, but could profits disappear in a puff of smoke?" report to its research store.

In our update on the e-cig market, much has changed in the space of two years. The market has exploded in size and revenue and smokers are increasingly likely to have tried an e-cig or be thinking of using one. However there have also been some new regulations and changes that are shaping the market and producers are having to adapt. Big Tobacco now dominates the industry.

Features and benefits

Learn what an e-cig is, what their variants are and how they are used.

Explore the nature of the industry and how it is developing in the UK and US.

Learn what medical experts think about the products and how regulation in the industry might develop.

See how Big Tobacco has invested heavily in the market and who owns what within the industry.

Examine how the market is likely to develop and just how big it might become.

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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) mimic the shape and style of cigarettes and are designed to produce a similar sensation to smoking, while delivering the same nicotine hit. The designs, however, are very different

The electronic cigarette and the tobacco industry are inextricably linked as future e-cig users are likely to be drawn directly from the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry is facing a difficult time currently as governments continue to restrict and limit their business actions in the name of protecting the consumer.

Our first case study on electronic cigarettes showed it was uncertain just what Big Tobacco was going to do about the electronic cigarette industry. Some players had made steps to enter the market but others seemed tentative. Now, Big Tobacco is flying into the industry snapping up key brands and releasing new ones.

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Your key questions answered

·         What is an e-cig and who makes them?

·         Are they safe to use and could they be safer than traditional tobacco products?

·         Why does Big Tobacco want a piece of the action?

·         How is the traditional tobacco market doing and has it been affected by e-cig sales?

·         Could regulation cripple the market and if so would this be a good idea?

Major points from Table of Contents ( are listed below:

List of Figures

Figure: Sky Cig’s component parts

Figure: Ploom Pax Vaporizer

Figure: The value of the global tobacco market, 2008-2013 ($bn)

Figure: The value and volume growth and decline of the global tobacco market, 2006-2013 (%)

Figure: US market leaders in the e-cig market

Figure: Vuse E-Cigarette

Figure: Percentage of smokers that have used E-cigarettes (%)

Figure: Sales of electronic cigarettes via type of outlet in the USA

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