Co-Founders Laura Judit Alegre and Patricia Pereyra Bustos Launch MESTIZA COMMUNICATIONS


Laura Judit Alegre, Creative Intercultural Liaison, and Patricia Pereyra Bustos, Expert Intercultural Communicator, are glad to announce today the launch of Mestiza Communications, a professional women entrepreneurship that assists individuals and organizations working on social and gender-related concerns as well as cultural and travel activities in effectively reaching their intended audiences,both in English and Spanish.

Mestiza Communications springs to life in an increasingly globalized world where translation and information management play an essential role to communicate ideas. As intercultural communication experts, Laura & Patricia know their professional work is key to produce and spread knowledge in a diverse world. Mestiza Communications then offers customized solutions that include not just translation, but expert communication, creative content writing, multimedia subtitling, and cultural adaptation.

Passionate about social and gender-related issues, Laura states, “Nowadays, intercultural communication is fast becoming a key player to have access to new sources of knowledge. So, Mestiza bridges the gap between those who share meaningful ideas and those who look for new perspectives.” Either writers, editors, researchers, educators, or community organizations can trust Mestiza to effectively reach their communication goals.

As an expert on cultural heritage and travel planning, Patricia says “A real traveler’s destination would never be a place, but a new way of seeing our world. Mestiza comes to express the right words to fulfill such travelers’ needs.” By using creativity, Mestiza helps tourist and cultural managers communicate with visitors and travelers, making responsible tourism a growing movement.

Mestiza Communications works in an inclusive environment that embraces integrity, cooperation, creativity, respect for diversity and equal opportunity, and supports the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity adopted by UNESCO in 2001. On May 21, the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is celebrated around the globe to provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better. Mestiza is honored to celebrate the pleasure of communicating meaningful ideas to a diverse world!

Laura and Patricia are so proud to combine not only their proven experience and field expertise, but also their shared passions and values to offer specialized communication services in English and Spanish that they foresee a successful horizon upon their partnership in Mestiza Communications.

About Mestiza Communications

Mestiza Communications provides individuals and organizations working in the cultural, social, travel, and leisure fields with customized communication solutions by making a comprehensive project assessment. Whether in English or Spanish, Mestiza’s partners will get the perfect combination of expert advice, strategic creativity and professional commitment translated into an enhanced communication experience. For more information, visit