NuVet Labs, Makers of NuVet Plus, Partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities

NuVet Labs has been helping pets stay healthy for years with natural products like NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus, and the company recently added a celebrity client to its list. The celebrity being a puppy named Mac, a Goldendoodle recently appointed as the “Director of Smiles” for the Ronald McDonald House in Little Rock, Arkansas. As his title implies, Mac’s job is to bring smiles to the house’s residents. NuVet Labs is helping to make that possible with a donation of a year's worth of the daily pet nutritional supplement NuVet Plus.

“When I heard that we were getting our first Director of Smiles, I wanted to make sure we found a sponsor for high quality, nutritional products for Mac,” writes House Board Member Janell Mason. “Of course this included NuVet Plus.”

Mason says her family has been a happy NuVet customer for nearly six years, while the breeder who donated Mac to the Ronald McDonald house also recommends the company's products. NuVet Labs’ donation consists of 360 NuVet Plus wafers, each containing multiple vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants that work together to help pets reach and maintain optimum health. The NuVet Plus formula is designed to contribute to healthy energy levels, joints and mobility, and a strong immune system – all very necessary attributes for Mac’s job at his 28-bedroom home.

“Our request is that NuVet would sponsor Mac’s supplements, so that he can stay in tip-top shape and have the strength to perform his duties of lovin’, lickin’ and snugglin’ families and children staying in the House,” Mason says.

Mac is one of 10 dogs at Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide, including McNugget in Wisconsin, McLovin in Fort Worth and Mogie in Houston. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas is Mac’s registered owner, and the Little Rock facility is his permanent home. Once trained, he will have nearly free reign in the home, save for residents’ bedrooms, the kitchen, or any dining areas.

“Our families come to us when they are thrust into the center of a medical crisis for their children, and anything we can do to help them process, find respite and rest is so important,” Mason says. “Having Mac as Director of Smiles – what a welcome surprise for them to see him roaming the halls.”

A letter from Ronald McDonald Charities of Arkansas concludes, "We plan on having Mac as part of our team for many years. As such, we want to ensure he follows a healthy supplement program.”

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