Should I Build a New Home or Buy a Used Home?

For a prospective home owner, choosing between a used home (or a template home) or a new home can seem like an impossible challenge- like trying to figure out which Godfather movie is the best. In either scenario you’ve got many pros and cons to wade through before making this life changing decision. We’ve compiled some notable issues that should catch your eye when making the plunge.

·         First off, it depends what your mind set is. If you want to create your own habitable masterpiece from scratch, then building a brand new home is your best bet. You’ll most likely reap the benefits of having newer appliances, which in turn will reduce associated energy costs in the long term as well as less immediate repair costs (since an older home will more than likely necessitate some renovations). Plus, a new home will come with everything you want and nothing you don’t-meaning that you can customize it to your exact specifications. You can pick the lot, the neighborhood and the even the neighbors.

·         There are negatives to think about with new houses too. Building a brand new house is pretty expensive. Aside from the architect and builder fees, the newer appliances and lot price should factor in to your decision. There’s also potential Homeowner’s Association fees that may come with getting a pool or a home gym.

·         Now, we’ll move onto used homes. If you don’t want to pay the fees associated with hiring an architect, you can either use a home software and build your dream house on your own, or you can look at template houses/used homes to decide which designs you like the best. Thus, a used home is cheaper since you won’t have to deal with any extraneous expenses (other than maybe a few repairs here and there).

·         Just like building a new house from scratch has a few issues, a used home can cause some headaches as well. From the start, a used home will incur some costs in the maintenance department- like new plumbing, roof issues, appliances, etc. Older homes are also susceptible to higher energy costs since insulation (depending on exactly how old it is) could be reducing efficiency and water heaters might be out of date as well.

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