Celebrity Stretch Marks – The Beautifully Scary Truth About Society is an online celebrity lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing that celebrities are just like everyday people. We aim to challenge the perception of ‘perfection’ and show that having stretch marks is completely normal and acceptable in society. We do this by highlighting that even the seemingly ‘flawless’ A list celebrities suffer from common skin conditions like stretch marks.

UK (March 14, 2014): We just can’t escape it. No matter how hard we try, every time we turn on our televisions or pick up a newspaper or magazine off of the shelf, we are exposed to a false perception of beauty. Technology is being used to manipulate images of celebrities to appear absolutely flawless which, in-turn is warping our perception of beauty and forcing young girls to strive for something that can’t and shouldn’t be achieved. Yes, celebrities have stretch marks!

If we look at the ‘Pin-Up’ girls of the 1940-50’s, the media used to show us that curvy was beautiful. Real shaped women that men went mad for, and best of all they were healthy at the same time. Now it seems that size zero is the new celebrity and it’s all too common to see today’s Catwalk models and A-list celebrities looking like malnourished skeletons being promoted as the image of perfection. Guess what, the media are wrong! Celebrity Stretch Marks and cellulite are normal and healthy.

But what about the psychology? The problem is that the images we are exposed to do much more damage than affect a person’s confidence. Depression, suicide, and bullying are also the consequences of living in a society where the average human being is portrayed as inadequate. When stretch marks and cellulite are digitally removed from the skin of a celebrity, that tells us that it’s not publicly acceptable to look like that. When legs are lengthened, hips are reduced and wrinkles are removed from a celebrity’s image, that drives a clear message home you must look like that in order to be seen as attractive.

“The world is an incredibly scary place to be young nowadays. As soon as you are born you enter into a society where you will pressured every single day to strive for something that simply isn’t possible. You’ll be made to feel low and desperate at every turn so that you run out and buy the latest miracle cream or makeup product. Fear drives sales in the fashion world” says the editor of new anti-fashion online magazine ‘Celebrity Stretch Marks

Can we really blame celebrities like Kim Kardashian who recently underwent surgery on her breasts to remove her stretch marks? It certainly can’t be easy being in the spotlight and under close scrutiny for most of your adult life, especially when the natural aging process starts to take hold and skin starts to lose its elasticity.

Ultimately we have to start accepting who we are and begin to realise that the celebrities we see on magazine covers and in the movies aren’t an accurate portrayal of real life. When they go home after a shoot they look just like us. So the next time you find yourself wondering whether celebrities with stretch marks exist, the answer is a resounding yes and that’s perfectly acceptable! You are beautiful just the way you are.

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