CHOETECH Releases Stadium Wireless Charger with Wider Charging Area


Shenzhen, China (May 19, 2014) - One of the most reputed online retailers on Amazon, CHOTECH has come up with a brand new wireless charger pad, called CHOTECH Stadium QI Wireless Charger. This charging pad has got a wider charging area of 3 coils.

The company has wisely designed this charging device, so that it gets compatible with all the modern devices like, Samsung Note 3, Note 2, MOTO Droid, HTC Rzound, Galaxy S3, S4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, iphone4, 4s, 5, 5S, Nokia Lumia etc. Besides that, this charging pad is compatible with almost all the reputed QI enabled phones and tablets. The specially designed 3 coil stadium wireless charger has 3 transmitter coils inside. This is an added feature added to the gadget, compared with normal wireless charger's single coil. It means the charging area is of the device is around 3 times bigger than normal wireless charger. Users do not need to move around in search of sweet spot, while charging the phone. The charging of the phones or tablets gets started as soon as it is placed on the pad. To purchase the CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger Kit for Galaxy S5 please visit
This QI charger comes with a solid blue indicator, to intimate the charging of the phone. Wall charger plug is not needed with this device. The company offers one wireless charger, one USB cable along with the pack. This wonderful charging tool is presented in two amazing color options of white and black. Along with the supreme quality, this charger is offered with amazing price cuts.  The actual price of the high end charging device is $99.99. However, buyers can avail this comprehensive charging system at only $31.98, after an added discount of 68%. Customers get to save as much as $68.01 on purchasing this compact device.

CHOTECH has gained amazing market response because of the quality of this QI wireless charger. Samantha has recently started using this wireless charger pad. She comments, “I have used several wireless charging pads in the past, and I have found that most of them don’t work with my somewhat bulky Urban Armor Gear case on the Galaxy S4. I’ve always had to remove the case to use the wireless charging pad, so it has just been faster to plug my phone in rather then remove the case and set it on the pad. This isn’t the case with this charger. Overall, this charging pad is very convenient, and rather than placing your phone on the pad in a very specific way like you have to do with most chargers, this one seems to charge the phone almost any way you put the phone onto the pad.”

CHOTECH is a well known retailer on Amazon. This company has come up with Stadium QI charger. To buy this amazing product please visit    

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