The Kenyan Sandals Footwear line is selling in popular Phoenix Boutiques. The brand is gaining popularity in the Phoenix area, a large following on online social media websites and now looks to expand to other U.S markets in the region. The Kenyan Sandals are handmade for quality and a perfect finishing touch. The sandals have become very popular amongst women who reside in Phoenix. They are made by professional artisans out of pure and authentic leather for durability.

The women's sandals are available in a range of sizes, styles and designs to suit women of all walks of life with different tastes and preferences. Truly Kenyan, the sandals are very appealing and can go with almost any outfit. They can be worn for official or casual occasions and the wearer still look great. Whether one is looking for a simple or more sophisticated look, these are the sandals of choice.

The beaded embellishments give the sandals a unique yet complex personality. One can choose plain sandals or those that are beaded with the former kind worn for a simple, but attractive appearance. The kind of pure tanned leather used to make the Kenyan Sandals guarantees their quality that is unmatched in the market. Moreover, the sandals have been handcrafted to give them a beautiful finishing touch.

In the past two years, Kenyan Sandals have been on the shelves in a number of popular Phoenix area boutiques, such as Bunky Boutique located in downtown Phoenix, and Here on the Corner a Tempe Boutique, which is popular with Arizona State University students.  Currently, the Kenyan Sandals can be purchased exclusively at Velvet Boutique based in Scottsdale Arizona.

The handmade leather sandals are also available online with each costing about $65. In order to purchase the Kenyan Sandals online, they can be accessed at by end consumers.  Retailers visiting the Kenyan Sandals website to buy the products in bulk are redirected to

The brand enjoys a large following online on social media websites. For instance, the brands account on Instagram @kenyansandals has about 25,000 followers. Moreover, the local retailers have been keen on reaching out and carrying the line of women's sandals around the Phoenix areas for the last couple of years.

According to Goodhope Nyakondo, the owner of Kenyan Sandals, "We have gotten a really good response from customers. They appreciate the quality and styling of our women's leather sandals." The brand is happy with the reception it has received in the Phoenix market so far. It is now time to expand into other markets.

Customers have also been very happy with the leather sandals they purchased from this brand. According to Summer Marshall, an elementary school teacher and previous customer, "In Phoenix, there is just a more casual dress code. I almost always wear flats or sandals, and I like their leather craftsmanship; the beaded designs are great!"

About Kenyan Sandals

Kenyan Sandals is a new and growing footwear line that sells men and women's leather sandals and bags. It was established in 2010 after a visit to Kenya by the owner Goodhope Nyakondo. The Kenyan Sandals work with leather artisans in and around Nairobi in Kenya. It imports the products directly into the U.S from the East African country, Kenya. For the last 3 years, the brand has managed to convince the consumers to purchase their great footwear products. During the same period, the company has also got to know its consumers and what they look for when buying their footwear items.

Contact Information:

NameKenyan Sandals

Telephone: 612-310-3668

Address: United States, Arizona, Phoenix