Abington PA Dental Office, Gary Newell DDS And Associates LLC, Offers Beautiful Smile Makeovers

Glenside PA, 20-MAY-2014 - Gary Newell DDS and Associates and Gary Newell are pleased to announce that smile makeovers are available to local residents in the Abington area. A beautiful smile is possible when the teeth are white and clean. The teeth should also be aligned in a way that doesn't leave gaps or crooked teeth to detract from appearance. The Abington Dentist will review the smile elements and implement techniques to correct any missing features.

Dr. Gary Newell DDS, explained, "We offer a range of cosmetic, as well as general dentistry procedures. Each of these techniques is intended to improve appearance. Some techniques are direct in nature, such as bleaching and whitening teeth to remove stains and discoloration. Other methods are designed to improve the structure and alignment of the teeth. The techniques applied can be temporary or permanent fixes."

"Bleaching and whitening done in a dental office can remove years of stains caused by smoking, various foods and drinks" he continues. "Certain types of antibiotics will also cause yellowing of the dental enamel. Some of the whitening processes are done at home, but others are done in an office setting. They typically can be done in a long lunch hour. A bleaching gel is painted on the teeth and activated by light."

More permanent smile improvement can be done by straightening crooked teeth. The dentist may add implants, crowns or bridges to fill in gaps between teeth or to repair broken teeth. The goal in dental work today is to save the natural teeth if possible. If this is impossible, the man-made materials are stronger and more realistic than ever before. They look and function like the natural teeth.

Learn more about smile improvement methods and products by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have more questions about the contents of this specific press release are urged to contact the Dr. Newell at the location described below.

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