Candy Packaging Ideas for Wedding Favors

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided what kind of wedding favor you want. Make your wedding and your reception more memorable and personal with edible wedding favors. You and your spouse can choose to send out candies to your guests as a token for being a part of this important event in your lives. There are plenty of candy packaging ideas to bring elegance and style to this edible wedding favor.

Listed below are a few of the best candy packaging ideas to make your wedding favors stand out from the rest. You just have to look for a trusted and credible packaging supplier that offers a wide collection of candy packaging materials that will inspire you to turn your edible wedding favor into an eye-candy.

  • Assorted Candies in a Box – One of the simplest candy packaging ideas is to place assorted and colorful candies inside a clear box. You can also wrap the candies with translucent paper to make the wedding favors look more stylish. You can buy acetate boxes, translucent paper, or other forms of candy packaging materials from a trusted supplier, such as
  • Candies in Flower Boxes – You have to keep in mind that the packaging plays a major role in making your edible wedding favor memorable and attractive. There are specially designed boxes which you can use as candy packaging. One of the many candy packaging ideas is to choose boxes with a beautifully designed top. For instance, look for boxes with a flower-designed top. This will make an ordinary box look more sophisticated and eye-catching. For a more personalized touch, you can buy plain boxes and attach a faux flower or other designs on top.
  • Favor Bags – This is probably the most popular style of wedding favor packaging. However, you can add flare by following one of these candy packaging ideas. For one, you can buy “his” and “hers” grab bags. Arrange these bags so that your guests can choose from them. You can even place a bowl of chocolate gold pennies alongside the grab bags.
  • Personalized Candy Packages – If you want unique candy packaging ideas, why not go for a personalized touch? You can use simple stackable containers and place assorted candies of your choice inside. You can buy these containers at any packaging supplies company. Adding a custom tag or sticker is a great way to personalize the favors.
  • Yarn Boxes – For more candy packaging ideas, you should consider using yarn instead of ribbons. Ribbons are used all the time. To make your wedding favors standout from the rest, you can use yarn instead. Plain and simple candy packaging boxes will look playful and whimsical with colorful yarn. As a tip, you should attach the end of the yarn underneath the box. You can use a mailing seal for this. Wrap the box with yarn, cut it, and attach the other end under the box and secure it with a second seal.

The candy packaging ideas listed above will definitely make your wedding favors look more sophisticated and personal. Be sure to talk to your packaging supplier to ask what options are available and what kind of candy packaging they have in store.