Round Is Attractive - New Wearable Round Button Tags Without Pins Or Adhesives

1888PressRelease - A new form of wearable tag, developed by Premium TAGSnMORE provides a new category of name badges, buttons and tags. They are printable diecut heavy sheets with slots punched at the top of every tag for wearing, and without plastic holders they can be round and other shapes. Round Button Tags prove to be attractive wearable "display tags" which are easy-to-print yourself, easy-of-use and eco-friendly.

New City NY: Premium TagsnMore has developed new "wearable" round tags that are diecut from sheets of cardstock and white poly. Each round tag has a slot punched at the top for attaching to ones garment with a new type of plastic clip in place of the traditional pins, adhesives or plastic/metal holders. Under the Badgetec brand, the diecut sheets are available blank for self-printing on standard office printers or custom printed for customers by Badgetec. Special benefits of these new round tags include their ease-of-use, low cost and safety. They are attached by the new Contour Clip which is both clothing-safe and child-safe. Round buttons and tags have been in use for more than 150 years as people have always found them attractive. And they are worn by both young and old, showing hundreds of diffident types of messages for individual expression. Now schools, businesses, associations and organizations can print their own round tags easier and faster with this new 21st century technology. 

The round shape of wearable tags is generally considered more attractive than the traditional rectangular name badge shape. This accounts for their continuing popularity, but ascetics is only part of the reason. With no corners and appearing perfectly aligned (no edges to show tilting), round tags just present a more perfect appearance. And since plastic holders cannot be made round, the new round button tag shape provides a unique construction never before available. Along with the patented diecut sheet designs, the new Badgetec Contour Clip attaches through the slot on the tag directly to ones garment. This new clip attaches like a "paperclip" to the edge of ones garment (collar, lapel, pocket), using an improved mechanical clip principle. Designed with a central finger surrounded by a flat frame (similar to a paperclip), it creates increased grip over fabric while not producing creases or punctures in the fabric like pins or traditional badge clips. 

The plastic clip is clothing-safe, child-safe and hospital-safe. By capturing the tag through the punched slot in the tag, it eliminates the need for the traditional plastic holder. The Contour Clip, being the first new clothing attachment is almost 100 years, received a patent in 2012 for its unique design. 

Premium TAGSnMORE created Badgetec in 2010. Headquartered in New York, Premium TAGSnMORE is a socially and environmentally responsible developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products, providing recyclable and/or reusable cost-effective products appropriate for their purpose while maintaining professional quality. All products are manufactured in the USA. For more information, inquiries, and product samples visit, email info ( @ ) premiumtagsnmore dot com, phone 914-840-2224; Fax 845-425-8783; write Premium TAGSnMORE, PO Box 1764, New City NY 10956