Naxos of America Featured New Music Releases - July 29, 2014

Negative Space; Michael Hammond; LaMarca; Roche; Overington; Lambert; No Lands; New Amsterdam Records NWAM057; 1 CD

  • Negative Space is the debut full-length LP from No Lands, the recording project of Brooklyn-based electronic musician and sound artist Michael Hammond. It consists of nine sonic environments that range from ambient soundscapes to sprawling song structures. 
  • The album drifts from one environment to the next as if navigating a dream state. Hammond filters guitars, synths, vocals and electronic drums through layers upon layers of digital effects and filters to create pristine and enveloping worlds of sound. 
  • The genesis of the album spans the course of three years and a hurricane; much of the music for Negative Space was written and recorded following a period of itinerancy in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, flooding sweeping through Hammond’s apartment and studio space in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood. The No Lands sound was born of this clash between the creative and destructive qualities of water. 



Who Has the Biggest Sound; Paul Dolden (creator); Starkland ST-220; 1 CD

  • This CD presents the premiere recordings of two electro-acoustic works by Paul Dolden: Who Has the Biggest Sound? (2005-08) and The Un-Tempered Orchestra (2010). 
  • His first new recordings in nine years, Dolden spent about 7800 hours in the studio creating this music, using his painstaking, time-intensive approach of layering hundreds of studio tracks of live, acoustic recordings. 
  • “(His) lush, bizarre concrete recordings have finally come of age in the speed-soaked digital era.” –The Wire on Dolden’s Below the Walls of Jericho (1988-89)






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