Thousands will descend on Anaheim the first week of March to learn about the latest news in the natural products industry. In this fabulous southern California locale, many will be challenged by glare and bright light sensitivity to the desert sun. After a short time at the Expo many will experience uncomfortable or irritated eyes. The good news is that attendees can learn how to minimize these symptoms via a new brand making its inaugural appearance at the show.

EyePromise eye health vitamins are designed not only for weary show attendees but for anyone who wants to experience better quality vision and comfort. Backed by more than 20 years of scientific research, EyePromise supplements contain the highest-quality natural and scientifically-proven ingredients to reduce light sensitivity, improve contrast, reduce glare and combat dry eye symptoms. With more than 40 million doctor-recommended doses safely consumed EyePromise eye vitamins are proven, reliable and NSF® certified.

Already the eye health vitamin of choice for many professional athletes and eye care professionals, the brand is officially announcing its entry into the consumer market with the launch of a new product:
EyePromise vizual EDGE™.

“When you consider that 85 percent of the information we assimilate comes to us through our eyes, it makes sense that the public is beginning to make healthy vision more of a priority,” said Dennis Gierhart, Ph.D., founder of ZeaVision, the parent company of EyePromise. “Many people do not realize that long-term eye health and vision quality requires maintaining a healthy macular pigment – what we refer to as our internal sunglasses. EyePromise vizual EDGE provides the critical nutrients needed to maintain one’s internal sunglasses so your eyes can stay healthy and perform their best.”

Launch of EyePromise vizual EDGE

EyePromise supplements have been a staple in Optometry and Ophthalmology for years, and now the brand is introducing its first product EyePromise vizual EDGE targeted directly to health-conscious consumers. The patented formula combines the highest level of dietary zeaxanthin plus lutein, the two nutrients crucial for eye health. The product was developed based on the success of EyePromise vizual EDGE PRO™, a popular formula known among professional athletes to enhance one’s ability to see objects better and, therefore, react faster.

“Once we saw the results among athletes, we knew that the general public would be interested in experiencing improved vision quality. When one’s eyes perform better you perform better,” said Dr. Gierhart. “EyePromise vizual EDGE is unique in that it contains the highest levels of natural dietary zeaxanthin in one softgel of any supplement on the market and in the proper ratio of zeaxanthin to lutein found naturally in the macula of the eye.”

Other benefits of EyePromise vizual EDGE include:

  • Reduced light sensitivity
  • Increased contrast
  • Reduced glare often associated with night driving
  • Enhanced color saturation
  • Improved responsiveness to changes in levels of light

The daily, one-softgel formula means people can now enjoy a better quality of vision easier than ever.

Experiencing an EyePromise Moment

Many people do not realize how much their vision quality decreases over time. After taking EyePromise eye vitamins for several months, they understand what they were missing – from feeling more confident driving at night or enjoying the vibrancy of the spring blooms and fall foliage to gaining a visual advantage in their tennis or golf game. At EyePromise – that point when someone realizes the difference has a name—it’s called an “EyePromise Moment.”

“Multiple clinical studies and years of consumer use demonstrate the effectiveness of EyePromise, however the most important and impactful learning and what wins people over is when they experience the difference for themselves,” said Dr. Gierhart.

Natural Products Expo West attendees will have a chance to win their own EyePromise Moment at this year’s show. Stop by booth #6500 in the NEXT Pavilion to enter to win a 6-month supply of EyePromise vizual EDGE.

More from EyePromise

EyePromise vizual EDGE™ joins the ranks of a well-respected portfolio of products from EyePromise that includes:

Visitors can learn more about the EyePromise portfolio and purchase the products online here.

EyePromise is dedicated to educating the public about the role of nutrition in eye health, and the importance of an annual eye exam by an eye health professional. The company is currently marketing EyePromise eye vitamins for distribution at select retailers and recently launched a new website at

For additional information, please visit the EyePromise newsroom.

About ZeaVision and EyePromise

ZeaVision, the parent company of EyePromise, is passionate about fighting vision loss and preserving healthy vision through ocular nutrition. With more than 20 years of research, ZeaVision pioneered the use of Zeaxanthin, a natural antioxidant and photo-protectant, for eye health use. EyePromisescience-based nutraceuticals offer the highest levels of dietary Zeaxanthin available, and are developed for patients suffering from dry eye symptoms and those at risk for AMD. With more than 40-million doses consumed, EyePromiseproducts are made in the U.S.A from the highest-quality, natural ingredients.

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