What to Put In Storage When Moving to Your Summer Home

Moving to your summer home for an extended period means leaving your winter home empty and vulnerable. You will need a reliable moving company to ensure a smooth seasonal transition and advise you on what to store while you are away. Unless you have a cooperative, reliable family member or friend willing to miss summer living in beautiful Florida—or wherever your summer retreat awaits—in order to stay home and house-sit, storage offers a great solution to preserving your most valuable treasures.


Electronics are a special category when it comes to moving or storage. If you don’t plan to transport all electronic gear with you, consider storing it with an experienced, professional moving service for maximum security. Prior to storage, take steps to protect these highly vulnerable items that hold the key to your identity, and most of your valuable records:

  • Hire a qualified vendor to remove and uninstall wall-mounted AV equipment (and to reinstall upon your return).
  • Pack electronics in their original cartons, using provided packing materials.
  • Add protection inside the box with bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or other padding.
  • Try taping color coded tabs on wires to make it easy when reconnecting.
  • Be sure to unplug and disconnect any wiring and cables, packing them together, along with their accessories (such as remote controls).

Antiques, Art, and Collections

Are you a true collector? If you have spent a lifetime building a world-class collection of fine art and antiques, you will want to take special care to protect and preserve it while relaxing in your summer home. There is no better time to call in the professionals for museum-quality packaging, moving and storing. Whether your collection is small and special or large enough to fill a gallery, it deserves the same careful treatment. Be sure to check references and certification of the companies you consider, and look for one with a proven history of carefully transporting and storing priceless items.

Jewelry and furs are prized targets for summer burglars, so consider carefully packing and storing these items as well, unless you plan to bring them with you (but wearing furs in Florida—not so much). Otherwise, seek out a longstanding local jeweler with a spotless reputation, and the same for your preferred dry cleaner or furrier specializing in storage.

Lock it up

Choosing the right storage facility saves time and stress. A professional, high quality moving and storage company will offer packing services for every contingency, delivering your contents in pristine condition once you return for the coming fall and winter seasons.

Finally, why make it easy for that one lazy burglar? It may seem like obvious advice, but don’t forget to lock all doors and windows as you leave.


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