Take out damaged trees for safety

When damaged trees fall, they can create real damage not covered by insurance

July 8, 2014 - Lightning struck, rotted or otherwise badly damaged trees are a real hazard. There’s just no telling when the ailing tree will finally topple over or drop a really big limb.

“In short, this kind of tree is a real hazard. It’s dangerous to you, your family and your property. It is dangerous to anyone who comes onto your property,” said Michael Sabo, general manager of Lon Star Tree Services. “If the tree is close to a property line, it can be a threat to your neighbor as well.”

While most homeowner insurance has an “act of God” policy that will cover damage from a perfectly healthy tree falling over, homeowner policies won’t cover damage caused by obviously dangerous trees.

“You, as the property owner, have an obligation to maintain your property. That includes dealing with hazardous situations as they arise,” Sabo said. “Trees are definitely a part of your responsibility.”

Tornados and other disasters can topple health trees. That’s covered by insurance, Sabo said.

“If a tornado rips right over your house, trees are coming down. Nothing you can do about that,” he said. “But, if you have a tree in on your property and you can see obvious signs of disease or rot, then it doesn’t take a tornado to knock it down. Any wind can do it. When the tree is in bad enough shape, gravity will be enough to bring it down.”

Taking the tree down before it can cause damage is much cheaper than paying for what happens later. Mr. Sabo said often removing problem trees is less than the homeowner deductible on an insurance policy.

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