3 Tips for Low Budget Online Marketing

To advertise your business successfully does not have to mean digging deep into your pocket. The Internet offers many opportunities to make yourself known even without a large marketing budget. Effective marketing is always a challenge - whether with generous or tight budgets. The smaller the wallet, the more creative you need to be. With less money, your choice is narrowed to affordable and available media channels. Generally, there is a distinction between paid, owned and earned media.

As the name suggests, paid media are fee-based advertisements like TV or radio ads. On the other hand, owned media describes your company’s communication channels, while earned media is not directly generated by yourself but rather by others, be it customers or journalists. What type of media are suited best for low budget marketing? The greatest potential to save costs and effectively promote your business at the same time lies within owned and earned media. Buying media is unnecessary – you simply use your very own communication channels. The only limiting factor is your available time. How should you invest it productively?

Tip 1: Corporate Blogging

A corporate blog provides the perfect way to position yourself as a knowledge pioneer in your line of business. With informative posts, exciting insights and the latest news you will give your customers a platform to get an idea of your company. More and more consumers are searching the internet for useful information before making a purchase. All the better if they stumble over your very own post. Last but not least a blog has the power to strengthen your ranking in Google’s search results. The search engine appreciates unique content, as it strives to deliver informative search results to its users. The higher your page ranks, the more traffic you gain - all the while your company’s visibility increases.

Tip 2: Active Social Media Channels

Your blog entry is ready - but how do you reach your target group? Multiple social media channels are a great solution to make yourself heard! Social networks are a definitive must in your communication strategy. However, it is not enough to just activate your profile and never touch it again. A successful social media strategy is based on authentic communication with fans, regular posts, accessibility and the right content mix. The last point is especially important. No one follows a profile that solely advertises its products. A proven content ratio is the "5-3-2" principle, which focuses on the needs of your followers. Meaning:

• 50% of your posts should be shared posts from topic-related pages,

• 30% of your posts should be about your company, i.e. a blog post,

• 20% of your posts should be entertaining pieces.

Avoid unilateral advertising and give users an incentive to follow your business!

Tip 3: Effective Networking

In addition to your blogging and social media efforts, you should participate in conversations and discussions on third party platforms. Examples being LinkedIn groups, relevant forums or guest posts on other blogs. Diverse environments which allow you to address your target group directly. Again, your contributions should have added value, instead of blatant advertising. For more information visit our agency website!