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The United States of America, April 4, 2014: Sexual intimacy is the integral attribute of a healthy relationship of couples. However, there are many how find themselves deprived of the pleasure by their spouses or themselves lack enough passion to have healthy relationship. I have been through such and worse situations and have dealt with it successfully. That is why I have become a counsellor for, a writer of and a coach on marital relationship and sex. Edenadele is my website, where I blog and put up my work at affordable price so that you can download them easily. I especially focus on rebuilding the confidence in people who are above 40 and who consider themselves dry and waste.

High degree sexual intimacy is the key to strong bond between spouses. Therefore, decline in the frequency and/or quality of sex can have exactly the opposite effect on couples. Sex counselling is a common service in many countries today. The need for relationship and sex counselling is increasing however. People report to me being deprived of intimacy, lacking eroticism and missing the sensual connection with their mate. If you find yourself in a similar turmoil or consider heading in the same direction then I can teach you how to have great sex with your partner. Typically, those who have crossed the age of 40 face these issues but the condition is increasing affecting even younger couples.

There is a widely but falsely believed notion that sex and sensuality is all until the age of 40. It is said, believed and propagated that life after 40 years of age is full of medical issues, relationship liability and imposed connection with religion and god. That said, you may think that it is the men who get frustrated with their wives. The presumed reason in your mind usually could be the fact that women enter menopause in their 40s. In reality, even women feel frustrated of their husbands, who often forsake regular sex to achieve their ambitious goals in finance, education, social work or building stately property.

Eden adele, that is me, is the right person to visit if you want real answers and practical solutions for relationship issues that pertain to sexual intimacy. I have the package that you can download and use repeatedly. This is unlike counselling sessions, which are needed every time for every other issue that you cannot handle. I have formulated ‘How to Fix a Relationship 10 Sexy Ways in Less than 30 Days’ keeping your situation in mind. If you are clueless about how to get your sexy back, you can use it over and over again for effective result.

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Eden Adele is the founder of ‘Get Back to Passion Institute’. She is of African-American origin and a mother of a girl, whose father abandoned their relationship. She successfully married in her 40s to a twelve years younger man.

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