Princess Divers Offers Phi Phi Island Wreck Diving

Princess Divers, a renowned scuba diving centre, is proud to present the added attraction of island wreck diving to their repertoire of diving tours. Divers can experience the wonders of sunken sea vessels along with lessons to hone their skills.

[PHI PHI ISLAND, June 25 2014] – Princess Divers, a prominent scuba diving centre in Thailand, announces the chance for divers to see the remnants of two sunken vessels sitting proudly under the sea—the King Cruiser and the Kled Kaeo. Both ships now serve as artificial reefs around the magnificent Phi Phi Island.


The perfect backdrop


Princess Divers explains that there are few things that are as fascinating as underwater wonders. The remains of the sunken ships adds an element of mystery and intrigue. The Thailand-based centre notes that divers can now get a chance to see a piece of history by viewing the awesome beauty of the remnants of maritime mishaps.


Through the centre’s island wreck diving packages, divers can see up-close the remains of ships lost or sunk out at sea.


The King Cruiser wreck


The King Cruiser has been submerged underwater since 1997. While the circumstances behind its mysterious submersion remain unclear, it has been out of human sight since then. Divers have the option to dive through massive schools of fish, ranging from Yellow Tail Snappers to Barracudas; There is always lots of activity and sea life surrounding the underwater wrecks.


The Kled Kaeo wreck


A ship sinking that occurred on March 19, 2013 provided a more recent resident of Phi Phi island’s underwater wonders. Divers can now get to see an underwater attraction that is only a little over a year old.


The Kled Kaeo wreckage is part of the Thai Navy’s and the Coastal Marine Resources department’s initiative to sink old ships to create artificial reefs. The result of the said project is the addition of more underwater spots for divers to enjoy. Princess Divers notes that the ship sits at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 26 meters rising up to 14 meters. Though it is still relatively new, the scuba diving centre explains that it is already teeming with marine life ranging from turtles and octopuses, to Scorpion fish and Lionfish undulating in the serene waters.


About Princess Drivers


Princess Divers is a scuba diving centre that provides lessons for visitors coming to the Phi Phi Islands. Established in 2001, the centre has been constantly providing guests with unforgettable diving experiences during their stay on the Phi Phi islands. The centre also offers diving lessons for bonafide diving enthusiasts. Known as a premier provider of world-class diving trips and diving lessons, Princess Divers takes pride in their exceptional high diving standards and dedicated staff.


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