Qualitative Research Community Celebrates New Denver Focus Group Facility

Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc.®, is hosting the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) at its new focus group facility at I-25 & Santa Fe, this Wednesday, June 29th at 11am, serving lunch and showing off its new facility. Sidney Clewe, QRCA Rocky Mountain Chapter co-chair, said “she’s excited by the new Denver focus group facility” adding that “it’s not everyday that a new facility opens in Denver!”  

Resolution has marked its spot on the Denver skyline with Goldie, an official Denver cow, located near the roof of its office building, to help identify its location just to the north of Home Depot, directly across the tracks from Alameda Station. Plus, Resolution Research’s name is on the front and back of its building. In addition, new Resolution Research signage (saying “Turn Here”) is also posted at the new unmarked Santa Fe stoplight, the first stoplight south of Alameda.

After lunch and tour, the QRCA is proud to present a talk by Mr. Greg Bradshaw, Executive Director of the Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance, on “Lead Generation for QRCs and Small Businesses.” This event, one of many sponsored by QRCA, is for the purpose of supporting and connecting the outstanding members of the qualitative market research community. The international organization, whose goal is to “promote excellence in the field of qualitative research,” holds events and provides resources for market research professionals worldwide.

Nina Nichols, Resolution Research CEO, says they are “proud to be apart of a rich community of research professionals here in Denver,” and hopes the upgraded facility provides new opportunities for research in the rapidly growing Denver market. Streaming video from the focus group facility delivers observation remotely to any location on the planet. In addition, a 1,300 square foot warehouse for large product tests and distribution, free marked parking just outside the door, and soon to be new test kitchen are the focus features of Resolution’s new locale.

If you’re involved in market research, please join the fun!  Admission to the June 29th event is $15 for QRCA members, $20 for qualified non-members, and $5 for students. Register or learn more here.  All are encouraged to attend.

Directions to the facility, click here.

Contact: Nina Nichols, 303.947.3500,

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