Multi listing Service available to everyone not just Agents. MLS Global Launches Improved Site

January 25, 2014-'Multi listing Service launches new newsite'

When it comes to selling a home there is no more important step to take than to ensure that your house is listed in the MLS. Listing your house in the MLS will ensure that your home is seen by hundreds of thousands of buyers all across the world. It's this exposure that will ensure that your home is sold in the least amount of time possible.

What is the MLS?

In short, the MLS represents a sharing of information about homes that are for sale. The listings are very comprehensive and allow real estate agents to connect buyers and sellers by presenting buyers with homes that fit their needs and requirements. Agents who represent sellers enter the information into the database and offer to share the commission on the deal with agents who bring buyers to the table.

In years past, before the Internet was available, the MLS existed in printed form, which was bulky, largely inaccurate and often outdated. The only people who could view the information contained in the MLS were real estate agents, making them invaluable to the home buying process. However, in today's environment of information on demand, the same detailed information is now available to the public through on-line services and feeds. By subscribing to sites like MLS Global, buyers can scroll through literally hundreds of thousands of homes that meet their criteria and narrow down their choices before contacting a real estate agent.

MLS Global is one of the only truly global MLS listing services available today. Most services only include properties for sale in the United States, Mexico and possibly Canada. MLS Global not only includes these countries but many others such as the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Cuba and more. MLS Global is constantly updating and expanding their MLS service and adding locations all the time. There are current expansions happening in Europe, which have made property listings in countries such as the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Greece and Cyprus available. And Global MLS is constantly looking to add sellers and listing agents to its ever expanding portfolio in order to offer buyers the most comprehensive MLS in the world.

In addition to the addition of many new markets, the New layout for MLS USA and the other MLS Global properties has been modified to add features that not only increase user satisfaction and usability, they have also added features that make the site more responsive to market developments in real estate. Benefits include:

Buyers can now create want listings in order to allow sellers to actively locate buyers

Barter functionality allows buyers and sellers to swap real estate for items of value other than cash.

Because there are commission splits for both agents and sellers, anyone who introduces a buyer may become eligible for a commission payment through MLS Global.

Google maps and social media features can now be embedded into each property listing.

With all of these benefits, it's no wonder our multi-listing service website is now bigger better and more user friendly then any other property site around. For more information regarding the services offered by MLS Global, please visit website: