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ATLANTA, GA, May 27, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Cummins diesel experts, APM Heavy Duty, have a full inventory of Detriot Diesel Fuel Injectors available for customers. Like all engine parts, replacement of the injectors is a common element of routine maintenance. However, certain circumstances may arise that require the purchase of new ones sooner rather than later.

Improper motor upkeep can significantly reduce the longevity of fuel system components, particularly when the lines and injectors are exposed to a poor quality fuel source on a consistent basis.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Injectors?
Contaminated diesel fuel can contain sediments and other harmful deposits that erode the metal lining and, more specifically, the common-rail injector ball. The Deutz diesel engine pros say if clean fuel is inserted at every fill-up and the injectors have not suffered any structural defects, they can last thousands of miles without fail. Given the direct effect that the injection process has on fuel economy and engine performance, fuel injectors are one component where quality pays.

It is also important to note that owners of older diesel engines rarely need to worry about injector issues as the fuel pressure in these systems is much less than their modern-day counterparts, and thus causes less internal stress.

According to David Debuc, Vice President of APM Heavy Duty, "The common symptoms of injector failure are harder or longer ignition times, higher than average smoke emission during idle and cylinder compression issues. Bear in mind that fuel injector problems are caused by many different factors, and failure to replace them at the proper interval can lead to further engine problems."

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