Big Changes for 2014 Chicago Real Estate and Sohail Real Estate Group

Over the past few weeks, Sohail Real Estate Group and @ Properties reaffirmed their plans to go ahead with a collaboration that will make this innovative Chicago Real Estate Group the best in Chicagoland.   Among other things, the partnership formed by these two incredibly strong groups will mean top notch service to clients looking to buy or sell a home in Chicago. Sohail Real Estate Group is pleased to announce this substantial change for their clients and potential clients.

The announcement comes as part of a significant emphasis being placed on the growing potential of this Chicago Real Estate Group as well as its agents. This is a huge step forward into 2014 as the market continues to grow.  This is a partnership that will combine the expertise and experience of both groups to become stronger and more effective than ever.  In addition to providing the best marketing strategies for clients, Sohail Real Estate Group will be working closely with its agents to develop some improved client relationship components, including the implementation of more inventive internet marketing and client follow up for 2014 Chicago Real Estate.

Upon inquiring why this group would make the change from one firm to another, it’s clear to see that this group of Chicago Real Estate Agents has one important goal and philosophy in mind: 100% Customer Satisfaction.  “When I feel that I’ve reached a certain level where it’s become a challenge to be able to provide my clients with more benefits, then a change has to be made,” says Sohail Salahuddin, the founder of Sohail Real Estate Group.  This group is excited to join @ Properties, which provides educational assistance to its agents as well as aggressive marketing and the best tools to sell homes quicker and for more money.  2014 Chicago Real Estate will be a great year for buyers and sellers who work with Sohail Real Estate Group.