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Sunset Bamboo is the leading manufacturer and supplier of bamboo poles and its products, for both indoor and outdoor decor. It uses eco-friendly materials and utilizes natural raw materials as a means of preserving the environment. Sunset Bamboo offers incredible and stunning bamboo products to decorate your home. Buy bamboo poles for sale made of high-grade Tonkin and Moso bamboo plants that ensure strength and longevity in all its products.

Bamboo Poles by Sunset bamboo are awesome and perfect for people who are looking forward to add a little oomph in their décor. Sunset Bamboo harvests the poles when they have achieved optimum thickness and density. They are tan in color and come in five different looks. Natural Bamboo Poles are, as the name suggests, in their natural state, Carbonized Poles are smoked, Black Bamboo Poles look stunning in their black or deep brown accents, Speckled Bamboo Poles have great light and dark brown spots all over them and the Split Bamboo Poles are cut right through the vertical axis.

Sunset Bamboo offers beautiful Bamboo Fencing on sale that can be used to either beautify your yards or for security. The poles are bound together into rolls if 8 feet with differences in height. The poles are fire straightened and treated to be termite resistant, inserted with heavy galvanized steel wires. Sunset Bamboo offers Natural bamboo fencing, Carbonized bamboo fencing, Mahogany bamboo fencing that has a deep rich aged whisky color, Black bamboo Fencing, TigerBoo bamboo fencing which is characterized by burnt nodes and Kokomo bamboo fencing that has twine laced decoratively at the top, bottom and middle of the fences.

Tiki Huts offer you the tropics in your backyard, no matter what you use it for- a bar, a lounge, a romantic getaway! Set up your Tiki hut with Sunset bamboo’s easy instruction guide with your friends and family and spend time with them while watching the sunset. Tiki Huts from Sunset Bamboo come with the best palapas that are resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The kit comes with two layers of thatches, pre-cut and partially assembled lumber and a manual. You can choose either the Single Pole Umbrella or Four Pole Tiki Huts.

Sunset Bamboo offers spectacular Coconut Wall Tiles for your walls, floors and even ceilings. They offer a chic and homey atmosphere where you can fully relax after a day of work. Cocomosaic panels are perfect for indoors, eco-friendly and made of small pieces of coconut shells. They are light and strong and can be used on floors where there is less traffic. They belong to the Ecomosaic Collection. There are five different types offered by Sunset Bamboo known as Pacific Grove, Brazilian Pecan, Sunset Breeze, Coco de Pearl and Sumatra Classic.

Sunset Bamboo offers Bamboo Matting that is all-natural and made by the indigenous people of the South Pacific region. The craft has been handed down from one generation to the next and the mats are made mostly from the leaves of palm trees. The mats are stylish and strong and woven intricately by hand. The Bamboo Matting is of the best quality and can be trimmed to suit your needs without the hazard of unraveling. The six different types of matting offered are Abaca Cloth, Bac Bac, Lampac, Lauhala, Cabana, Fine Weave Lauhala and lovely patters of ropes and braids.

Thatches by are used in homes, schools, resorts, zoos, restaurants, parks, movie companies and more. The thatches come in three different types that include Palm Island thatches constructed from palm leaves, Tahitian thatches mostly used for awnings and bars and wall covering, and the African Reed thatch, which is almost fully waterproof and perfect as panels and patio covers. Thatches give a wonderful tropical feel that helps you relax and be at peace.