Billie Leafgreen

Billie was the owner of a dance studio in Lander for 15 years. She’s now a substitute teacher and member of the Fremont County Symphony Orchestra when not juggling her three grandchildren. She’s lived in Lander since 1973, has seen many wonderful changes and knows this is going to be an exciting event.

Susan Meeker

Susan owns In My Window while also being very active in local organizations. She and husband Greg have a 13 year old son. Susan has a degree in fashion design and social sciences so working in retail is a perfect fit. She’s participated in many fundraisers, but believes this one should be one of the best and most entertaining to hit Lander in years!!

Mark Calhoun

Mark was raised in Lander but left right after high school. He and wife Julie ended up in Wichita working in a family contracting business. In 2012, Mark and Julie came back to Lander with their 2 sons and he is now pastor of Lander United Methodist Church. He is involved in a number of local community organizations and is excited to be a part of this fundraising event for CES.

Dave Raynolds

Right along with his herd of buffalo in Sinks Canyon, Dave is an institution in Lander. He’s held leadership roles in Rotary, LEADER, and countless other community organizations. Dave and his wife May always challenge the community to support as many nonprofits as they do. Being a judge in the competition fits him perfectly.