Navman Wireless Offers the Newest GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Navman Wireless, the leading provider of tracking devices in New Zealand, reintroduces the M-Nav 800, a cutting edge GPS vehicle tracking device for entrepreneurs looking for greater control over their vehicles.

[Auckland, January 06, 2014] –Navman Wireless, the premier provider of tracking devices in New Zealand, launches the M-Nav 800. It is among the brand’s best performing GPS vehicle tracking devices, which includes functional features that facilitates fleet tracking. The device also serves as a two-way messaging and business navigation system.The M-Nav 800 is an in-cab terminal, used in combination with the award-winning Online AVL2. It connects users with the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence system.

The M-Nav 800 and Its Features

As part of the company’s goal to provide quality products to all customers, Navman Wireless adds the M-Nav 800 to their line of GPS vehicle tracking devices. The M-Nav 800 comes with features enabling better control over vehicles through the streamlining and automation of various manual tasks. The device is functional and stores 100 customisable pre-set messages for quick replies. It has drive ID functionality and a 5” TFT LCD touch screen.

For drivers’ safety, the M-Nav 800 also has speed limits and over-speed warnings. Drivers can clearly hear the turn-by-turn voice guidance, as the M-Nav 800 also comes with quality speakers. It also has accurate ETA calculations to every destination, quick spell address search and multi-stop trip functionality, Bluetooth, and highway lane assistance.

Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence

Navman Wireless ensures that customers get the best value for their money. For this reason, the company strives to give customers not just affordable products, but also user-friendly devices that provide meaningful information. The Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence of Navman Wireless provides users diagnostic and behavioural insights into all of their assets. It’s a centralised and organised information system in a single software application, which allows continuous flow of many data points into one view point.


To deliver the best solutions for every client’s business, Navman Wireless partners with other world leading technology providers. The company has a long-standing partnership with Google and Microsoft. Navman Wireless also has a strong relationship with some of the leading telecommunications companies in New Zealand.

About Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless was founded in New Zealand in 1988. The company prides itself as a global leader in the GPS-based fleet-management solutions. Today, the firm monitors more than 185,000 units owned by over 15,500 organisations on five continents. For more information about the company and their products and services, visit