Joyful Prayers and Joyful Poems With My Prayers

In 2012, website developer Paul Martin created My Prayers. This online poem and prayer directory acts as a digital compendium for Internet users seeking inspirational, joyful, or meditative literature. Martin, a veteran volunteer and experienced philanthropist, is completely dedicated to helping people overcome various life obstacles using the power of poems and prayer.

My Prayers currently offers users a number of unique spiritual poems, songs, essays, books, videos, artwork, and sheet music. The website also operates its own iTunes portfolio, giving browsers easy access to a wide range of uplifting songs and prayer-filled podcasts.

Best of all, though, is that all of the poems and prayers featured on My Prayers can be printed out and distributed to friends, family, or anyone else in need.


In terms of artwork, Paul Martin and his team maintain a photography blog dedicated to displaying images of the world's most beautiful places. This album of breathtaking sights features pictures depicting the Infinite Cave in Vietnam, the Road to Hana in Maui, the Grand Canyon, and various icebergs, waterfalls, and natural forests.

My Prayers also has an online gallery that shows the life of Christ in 30 different paintings. The series starts off with a portrait-style painting of Jesus Christ, depicts all of Christ's trials and tribulations, and ends with a drawing of The Resurrection made by European artist, Heinrich Hoffman.

Poems and Prayers

The bulk of My Prayer's website is dedicated to sharing uplifting poems, songs, and prayers. For example, My Prayer originally posted a powerful song about lifelong friendship that was made by the website's creator, Paul Martin.

Other poems available at My Prayers include sonnets from Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.


For visitors who prefer visual prayer, My Prayers also maintains a YouTube profile. This YouTube page shares videos about Jesus Christ, American freedom, and Christmas.

Benefits of Prayer and Poetry

A 2011 study conducted by Telegraph Media Group suggests that reading poems can enhance a person's emotional well-being. More specifically, Telegraph Media Group asked study participants to undergo brain scans while reading uplifting poetry. The results of these medically documented scans show that reading poetry triggers the pleasure receptors of the brain.

These scans also suggest that people who read poetry relate poems to their own personal history. Reading uplifting poems, then, allows people to subconsciously access positive memories and associations in their own lives. This positive influence can be an excellent way to overcome sadness, loss, pain, or death. Another recent medical study shows that poetry also improves the reader's empathy towards others who may be struggling.

Life coaches suggest that reading prayers reduces stress, improves mood, and boosts the immune system. Furthermore, learning to appreciate the prayers posted on My Prayers is an excellent way to examine your own personal feelings, desires, and needs.

My Prayers is a website that posts Joyful Poems and Joyful Prayers for readers. The website understands that poetry and prayer dramatically improves the attitude and well-being of people suffering from physical pain or mental anguish.