Introducing the SkiA Barefoot Balance Trainer

Liverpool, England (January 29, 2014) – SkiA, designers and manufacturers of the Sweetspot Ski Trainer introduce their new 'Barefoot' Balance Trainer. This patent-pending device trains users to find perfect centered balance when standing and for a variety of sports, while also developing core strength and fitnessThe ‘Barefoot’ Trainer uses a new design based on the principles of the SkiA 'Sweetspot' ski trainer - a dry-land balance-training device specifically for skiers wearing ski boots. The ‘Barefoot’ Trainer is suitable for use barefoot, training athletes to center their balance using progressively smaller blocks under the foot. The larger blocks are relatively easy to balance on, but the smallest ones are extremely difficult.

An external bracing system allows the user to gain the benefits of the 'Sweetspot' Ski Trainer, without needing ski boots. 

“Both the ‘Sweetspot’ and ‘Barefoot’ trainers work in a unique way," said Dr. Martin Breach, Founder and President of SkiA. "Because ski boots restrict ankle movement, it's not possible to balance on the blocks just by using the ankles (as with other balance training devices such as wobble boards). Therefore, you have to engage your whole body to balance on it, in a way that closely simulates real-life balance and particularly activates core muscles,” continued Breach. “The advantage of the 'Barefoot' trainer is that you get all the same benefits of the ‘Sweetspot’, but it can be quickly fitted to the feet and used by anyone."

The ‘Barefoot’ trainer enhances centered balance - an integral skill for both sports and everyday life through a completely new, easy to use technique, with wider applications in training for dynamic sports such as surfing, skating, equestrian and cycling, and particularly golf, to develop a consistent stance and swing.

Also patent-pending, the ‘Barefoot’ trainer can be outfitted with 'tightrope' balance blocks, allowing users to practice walking as if on a tightrope. This provides a dry-land challenge similar to a slackline, but can be practiced anywhere, especially indoors. Graded block sizing increases challenge progressively from beginner to expert.

The 'Barefoot' trainer will be on sale for Winter 2014

SkiA Barefoot Balance Trainer:

  • Multi-function balance trainer Effective for athletes of all abilities and sports
  • Effective for rehabilitation and recovery
  • Fits every size of adult foot
  • Lightweight, foldable for travel/storage
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Quickly straps onto foot/leg
  • MSRP $79.95

About SkiA Designs

Based in Liverpool, England, SkiA designs and manufactures balance training products for athletes and non-athletes to find and realize their potential. Please visit for more information.

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