Present would the contact lenses be improved?

Short sighted students should have their lenses changed every 6 to 12 months. For the short sighted students who are in the study period, it is necessary for them to know their own sight condition.

The short sighted children and teenagers should have their lenses adjusted every 6 to 12months. Even though their degrees stay the same, the lenses should also be changed, for the optical center part of glasses changes according to various reasons and the visual effect would then be influenced. But the resin lenses with good quality can be adjusted according to the change of the diopter, in this case, the lenses could be changed depending on the condition one year after.

In addition, the kids glasses frame should be adjusted once a year. When having the frame adjusted, your pupil distance and orbital distance should be measured again. Special tips for parents: a professional optometrist is need when teenagers fill a prescription for the first time. For teenagers who are in the growth period, contacts are not good; a pair of glasses with a frame is the first choice.