Run The Red 2016

Holy cow! Saturday was pretty awesome out at the Boars Tusk, with Run the Red 2016. 

50 runners tackled the 1/2 Marathon distance and 13 runners (read: Bad-asses) took on the new Marathon course. Both courses were a little longer than your typical race; with the 1/2 being just over 14 miles long and the Marathon being 27 miles. On top of the extra distance, the runners had to battle with supper soft sand and a scorching sun. You can tell how difficult the Marathon course was when you look at the Marathon Results - Run the Red 2016, with three runners having to drop out.

Kara Colovich and myself manned the 12.5 mile, aid-station for the Marathon course which had some amazing views and some exciting events. After the third runner came through, he told us that one runner had missed a turn and was running the wrong way; he ended up coming through our station and said that he only ran an extra half mile before someone caught up to him. Then after the 12th runner came through the station, she told us that she was definitely the last runner; however, we new that there were 13 runners. Another helper, Rick, took some supplies and went looking for this 13th runner while we did some looking. Finally he showed up and reported that he also missed a turn and ran an extra 6 miles, he ended up not finishing because of this over exertion.

On the way back to the finish line with this guy in the back seat, we came across the next to last runner who wanted a ride as well; this was her first marathon and had only ran 5k's before. Then! we came across a family with a flat tire who were getting help from some tourists from England. We stop to give them a hand, and after 30 minutes and me unbolting the spare tire carrier from the vehicle (spare tire wouldn't come down) and the English man recommending (in a very excellent English accent) that we "do something very unmanly, read the manual" (was not available though) we were back on the way.

Needless to say, it was a very exciting and adventure filled day for the racers and the supporters. Stay tuned to this story because I hear tell that there will be a really cool video/movie coming out.